Are you dragging yourself to work every day, confused about how you can make a change?

Design Your Work Life will put the spark in your work day. You’ll feel motivated because you’ll be doing what you do best. You’ll be engaged in just the right way for you.

If you are like most of my clients, you have had some success in the workplace but you’ve come to a realization that you’re needing something different. Something more. You’re not quite sure what that means.

What you do know is you have lots to offer.

How do you bring it together into your work?

Design Your Work Life. It’s about work that matters.

What is Design Your Work Life?

It’s a program. It’s a mindset. It’s a calibration.

It’s a 3-part program zeroing in on where to place your time and energy to have the work life you want. It was created for people like you, people who want to make a difference, to do what is meaningful to you and to do your best work.

In 3 sessions, you will:

  • understand your strengths and learn how to use them to make your work meaningful

  • create a clear vision for 2019

  • open a world of possibilities through practical tools and templates

This is for you if you:

  • are dragging yourself to work every day and live for holidays and weekends

  • are baffled about how to make a change in your work life

  • know you have strengths but are not clear about what they are

  • want to stop spinning your wheels and find a way to move forward in your career

  • know that work takes up a lot of your time and it has to be more interesting than what you are doing

  • feel like life is passing you by

What it is not about

Quitting your job:

If you are in a job that is sapping your life energy, you may be harbouring ideas of dumping your job and starting new. On the other hand, you need the income. If you are feeling trapped by your predicament, it is understandable. But you don’t have to quit your job. What is important is to be strategic. Looking at your life with a life design perspective makes room for more choices.

You may decide to quit your job. Mostly you will leverage yourself to be in the right place - for you.

Starting over:

If you are wanting something fresh and new, you can make it happen. From seeing other clients putting together their work-life plan, there are parts of what you do that you will want to keep doing. And there are parts that are just not working. It isn’t about starting over - more like fun tuning. The important part is being able to see clearly where you want to align yourself.

What you need to know to have work that matters

It isn’t about skills. Or experience. 

It’s about the core of who you are, the most interesting and vibrant parts of you! The exploration then is to discover those parts. And then share them with the world!

Design Your Work Life sets you on your journey to an exciting new work life!

Here’s what you’ll be getting….

  • a clear vision for 2019

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Report ($150 value)

  • a template and tools to tap into your strengths

What’s the schedule?

Design Your Work Life was created to keep you on track and also to complete the assignments in a way that works with your schedule.

January 12th - Visioning

  • Receive your visioning workbook and instructions via email

  • Get access to your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment

  • Work at your own pace to complete the workbook and assessment before session 2

    Time Commitment: minimum 2 hours

January 19th - MBTI

  • Verifying your MBTI personality type (4 short videos)

    Time commitment: 1 hour

January 26th - Strengths and MBTI Report - Live Chat

  • Discovering your strengths - what they really are!

  • Using your strengths you discovered through your MBTI results

  • Bringing your insights into your vision

The total time commitment is approximately 6 hours over 3 weeks. (Think of your time as an investment in being clear and focussed - actually saving your time in the long run!)

Here’s what people say about Design Your Work Life:

“Patricia is an outstanding career coach. She approaches her work in a very wise and empathetic manner. In our sessions, Patricia had great instincts.  While she had set out a program that we followed, she also used what came up in our sessions to delve more deeply.” Maggie S

"The work we did, over the subsequent weeks, helped me to realize and organize important issues such as: strengths, values and personality type.  It has helped me find new passions and given me guidance to turn these new ideas into realities. I'm looking forward with excitement I never thought possible!”  Kat Z.

“Patricia has the ability to engage groups of adult learners and lead them to their own insights. She is well respected, funny, engaging, and authentic.”  Arami Y.


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