The Premium Work That Matters Program is an 8-session exploration to mine deeper into work that matters for you.  Each session will include individualized one-on-one support and materials and worksheets. 

This is for you if:

  • you are dragging yourself to work every day and live for holidays and weekends

  • you are baffled about how to make a change in your work life

  • you know you have strengths but are not clear about what they are

  • you want to stop spinning your wheels and find a way to move forward in your career

  • you know that work takes up a lot of your time and it has to be more interesting than what you are doing

  • you feel like life is passing you by

In this 8-session program, we will explore all of the elements of The Work That Matters Program PLUS Myers Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI® - to discover key aspects of yourself.  MBTI® is used world-wide for career exploration.  We will do an in-depth consideration of Type and YOU!  MBTI® is invaluable in getting to know how you function, what brings you workplace satisfaction and how to work with a variety of personalities. 

Benefits for you

  • You will receive the guidance and ideas to find work that fits for you.

  • Exploring your gifts and talents and gaining the confidence to say what works for you.

  • You will be going through a process that is based on a tested model that works.

  • Identifying careers that are in alignment with who you are.

  • Developing a strategy for the next steps.

Session 1:   Creating a vision of your work life

Session 2:   Understanding your strengths and developing your mission statement

Session 3:   Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Verification Process

Session 4:   MBTI® in work and life

Session 5:   Exploring your work values and beginning the list of intriguing careers

Session 6:   What provides meaning and motivation; career list

Session 7:   Career exploration summary; picking a career that fits

Session 8:   Career research and next steps

This program includes the 5 assessments including MBTI®, a one-hour consultation for each session via Skype or phone, and a Career Report that summarizes your results.

The cost of the program is $747.

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