The Unlocking Your Success Program is for people who have determined the career that is a good fit for them but are having difficulty bringing the dream to life. Following your dreams takes a vision, determination and courage! Sometimes we hold ourselves back and are feeling stuck.   

Ways this may be manifesting in your life:

  • Procrastination

  • Not following through on commitments or ideas

  • You are experiencing success and then you sabotage yourself or you experience a myriad of issues such as illness, dramas, or other events or people take priority

  • You feel that you are on the threshold of a big shift but you are can’t seem to get there

  • Freezing or indulging in distracting behaviours

  • Good things are happening in your life and you are waiting for the other shoe to drop

In this 7-session program, we will explore the limiting beliefs that are blocking your success.  Once the identification process is completed, we will develop tools and strategies to diminish the power of the limiting belief and incorporate new beliefs to move you forward.


"If you are truly ready for change and willing to look at yourself honestly, then working with Patricia will be of great benefit. Patricia is an outstanding career coach.” Maggie S.

The modules for this 7-session program:

Session 1:   Building the foundation:  creating a vision of your life; getting a picture of what is holding you back

Session 2:   Understanding your motivation, strengths and what brings meaning to your life

Session 3:   Introduction to Core Limiting Beliefs; Fear and Change

Session 4:   Uncovering Core Limiting Beliefs and Self Care

Session 5:   Working with Core Limiting Beliefs – diminishing the limiting belief and claiming a new belief

Session 6:   New Identity-Based Habits; Planting New Beliefs

Session 7:   Checking in and next steps


The cost of the program is $627.

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