Escape the Ordinary: Why Adventure Matters

I read an article recently about mirroring the morning routines of successful people. What a wretched idea.

Why not instead look at how people create adventure in their lives?

As an ENFP in Myers-Briggs land, I am about keeping it fresh. One of the MBTI books says that ENFPs hate routine – not dislike or not enjoy. Hate.

I say that ENFPs have a great perspective.

I am in good company. Paulo Coelho says, “If you think adventures is dangerous, try routine; it’s lethal.”

Routines wind their way into habits, those nasty creatures settling into our days and urging us to get dozy about our lives.

One day we wake up from our snooze, have an aha moment and absolutely know life can be different. Where is the excitement we once imagined? Our work has become lackluster and we question how to change it.

From inside the cocoon of routines and busyness, there isn’t very much space to re-imagine our life. Thoughts go to yes-buts, crossing off more than we add to our list of possibilities. 

That is why adventure matters.

I recently asked about adventure on Facebook. What brilliant responses! 


  • “feeds our creativity, confidence and perspective on life”
  • “gives us a bigger perspective on our world”
  • “expands our mindset and understanding of ourselves and the world”
  • “opens us up to limitless possibilities”
  • “drives progress”
  • “lets me experience aspects of myself I might otherwise never experience if I do the same things over and over”

And why does it matter? One of the respondents said, “Because your soul needs to breath…and this is what adventure was meant for.”

Another person said that adventure “stimulates the growth of new brain cells, new ways of being and builds the muscles of courage.”

To me, this is exactly the space we need when we are wrestling with work that doesn’t fit; we need to be immersed in the spirit of adventure.

Adventure reminds us of what it means to be alive; it allows us to have the experience, to feel it. When we touch the alive feeling, we are connected with our essential selves, the part that knows what really matters.

Adventures have 3 aspects:

  1. an exciting or unusual experience
  2. exploring unknown territory
  3. uncertain outcome

What will motivate us to make a change is the opposite feeling. It might announce itself in the morning when we think about our day ahead or when we come back from holidays; it says, “nothing about this is what I signed up for.”

Where are you now?

If you are wanting to make a change and don’t know how or obligations feel too onerous or you feel confused, consider putting adventure in your life.

One of the challenges in thinking about adventure is it has become synonymous with travel. You might imagine taking a year off, travelling around the world and discovering your perfect work. Or this may not be your dream at all.

Either way, consider the idea of adventure entering into your ordinary life. Start generating ideas for your future!

Here are some ideas for daily adventure:

Learn something new.

Recently my son asked me a question: when was the last time you learned a skill not related to work? I couldn’t remember. I love the idea of learning something just for its own sake. I love the idea of it being tangible like the time I took a whittling course. I made a spoon and learned how (eventually) to whittle wood and not my fingers.

Do something different

I remember someone once telling me to try to do daily activities with the opposite hand; if you always reach to turn the door handle with your left hand, try your right. Each morning I do my routines in a different order. Sometimes I exchange making my lunch for writing; I love the idea of my day beginning with doing what I love.

Take a risk

One of the elements of adventure is taking risks. One way to consider risk is exercising its muscle. If you have the universal fear of talking in public, find a place where you can talk for one minute. And then two. Risk is about making ourselves vulnerable and that is when we make our biggest connections with others. 

Do anything using your imagination

Being able to imagine an inspired life is where it all begins. Spend time drawing or writing or reading stories that get your brain firing. Give yourself permission to dream. Adventures begin first in your mind. Imagination is the fertile ground for adventure making. 

Plan an adventure

An adventure could be something you do close to where you live or it could be far away. I like the idea of planning lots of adventures, either weekly or monthly in addition to those big ones. In November I am going to see the 80s band Culture Club - I like their adventurous spirit. It doesn’t matter if someone shares your idea of adventure; this is all about you feeling alive! 


That’s my thoughts on escaping the ordinary. What are yours? What daily adventure have you done lately or plan on doing?  Click on the comments below and begin the adventure!