Denise Lloyd - 3 Powerful Ideas for Loving What You Do

Denise Lloyd is a champion for happy workplaces.  “When people thrive, business thrives.”  Lloyd is the Chief Engagement Officer for Engaged HR, a Victoria company that helps employers build great places to work.

“No one should hate their job because of a crappy workplace.” Lloyd explains the connection between an unhappy worker and the effect of their misery as it spills onto their relationships, their home life, even their dog.

Finding work that clicked for her began when she was 19. Denise remembers an event that shaped her future.  She saw a flyer featuring the sale of paint.  The paint cans were illustrated with a pencil sketch.  She questioned why the hardware business didn’t use photographs as it would have been easy to do and have been much more effective. Her ability to connect the dots and get to what really matters shone through. 

Having travelled for a year after university, Lloyd felt aimless and didn’t know her next direction. Her mother, who worked in human resources, suggested business.

At Malaspina College in Nanaimo, Lloyd gravitated to Human Resources, a subject. that was easy for her and interesting. It still lights her up. She’s in her groove.

Denise Lloyd, Chief Engagement Officer - Engaged HR

Denise Lloyd, Chief Engagement Officer - Engaged HR

To find work that matters to you, Lloyd understands that the search is hard work with big rewards.  She offers 3 profound ideas:

Believe you are worth it.

Following a dream means being able to really believe in yourself. Lloyd adds that if you don’t believe that you are worth it, you won’t find the work that fits. You will settle.

Stay curious. 

Be open to opportunities wrapped in a challenge.  Pay attention – if you have had a great day, think specifically about why that is true.

Pay attention. 

Lloyd encourages others who are looking for their dream job to follow, listen, pay attention and absorb.  Most people, she adds, have something that is awesome; through their own journey, they inspire others.  She also encourages people to pay attention to their own selves and what fascinates them. 

Lloyd sees the direct connection between being inspired by what you do and doing work well. She says that it isn’t about paying your dues. It is about needing to put in the hours to learn, to become rich in experience and stories.

She likens the process to making stew; it is so much better the second day.  It is through the simmering process you become better and then tap into what you can offer others. 

Knowing what inspires her has lead to her business flourishing during tough economic times.  She is motivated by the interest, willingness and capacity to do better. 

What matters to Denise is fostering an environment where happiness is possible.  She works with employers on job descriptions and policies but understands that what really matters is the ability to change people’s lives.