Letting Go of Our Fear of Screwing Up

Picture your life a month in the future, beyond what your mind can see, any outcome you want. Step out of fear and into opportunity.

The invitation came from Kyle Cease, transformational speaker. In May 2017, he brought his humour, insights and talent to the Moore Theatre in Seattle for a 2-hour event, inspiring us to challenge our limited thinking.

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I was one of the 1,800 person audience who turned towards a stranger and stretched my imagination into a new world that I hadn’t thought of before. The stranger told me her vision of her future. 

The power of dreaming aloud.

With 20 years of experience as a stand-up comedian, Cease began his own career shift by listening to himself. Last year, he began an experiment of meditating 2 hours a day and then videotaping his thoughts.

In paying attention to himself, he was able to distinguish what felt heavy in his life and then he worked at using that as a guide to shift his life. He gave up stand up. Then he was offered opportunities which sent him on a different trajectory.

Evolving Out Loud.  Live and online events. In-the-moment metamorphosis from participants.

His recent book, I Hope I Screw This Up: How Falling in Love with Your Fears Can Change the World, is much like his live event, life-changing ideas speckled with humour. 

He has some cool things to say. Here are a few outtakes from his book:

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"What I know to be true is that even though following that expansive feeling in our bodies can feel scary, if we take that leap into the unknown, an unlimited number of possibilities will show up to support us that we can’t see before we’ve taken that leap."

Our mission is starting to change from “How can I create the best career?” or “How can I get the best relationship?” to “How can I connect to myself more and start to move in alignment with what life is truly calling through me?”

"If you work in a job that you hate for your entire life, you’re not going to be fulfilled, you’re not going to be giving your gift, and life won’t be able to express itself through you fully."

We’ve become artists at creating brilliant ways to stop ourselves from stepping into our greatness.

To see Kyle Cease in action, check out this one minute video.

Back at the theatre, the room was abuzz with people saying their life from an imagined future. A book deal. A round the world cruise.

As I spoke visions of my life, I realized the foreignness of the exercise. The vision wasn’t that big. I began thinking bigger. S-t-r-e-t-c-h